‘Salad Club’ Details


What are the ‘salad clubs’?

I’ve heard from Swallowtail customers that they can’t always commit to the amount, or type, of produce that comes in a CSA box. Or maybe, they travel too much for it to fit, can’t always make it to the Farmers Market, but they still want to enjoy great quality, healthy, local produce and support local farmers.

The ‘Salad Clubs’ are a way for me to let you know what’s available throughout the seasons and for you to order, if you’re interested. I send availability e-mails on Sundays and deliver to neighborhood pick-up spots that Tuesday. Current pick up locations:

  • East Lansing: SE Marble, Bailey and Glencairn Neighborhoods.

  • Okemos (near Hamilton and Dobie),

  • at Swallowtail Farm north of Mason.

Please let us know if you have an interested group of folks and would like to talk about hosting a pick-up location in your neighborhood.

I call them ‘Salad Clubs’ because we grow a lot of greens, but also have flowers and other produce such as tomatoes, peppers, radishes, beets, cucumbers, squash and more available at different times of the year.

To join email swallowtailfarm@gmail.com and let us know you would like to join the ‘Salad Clubs’/ pre-ordering e-mail.